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DevOps Culture Issue #01

Oct 2018 / Nicole Forsgren: Inside the mind of DORA's Chief Scientist

DOC Issue #01 

Welcome to Issue 1 of DevOps Culture Magazine.

Inside you’ll find news, interviews, features on tooling, lifestyle columns, and (hopefully) a few jokes. We want this magazine to be a focal point for people working in the industry – a forum for you to share your stories and experiences. We’re already looking forward to collaborating with you on the next edition. Until then, jump inside our first edition and take a look around. 

We hope you enjoy the ride, and we’d love to hear what you think.



Dr. Nicole Forsgren – The latest fascinating DevOps research and much more.

James Grenning – Get the inside scoop on the Agile Manifesto.

Ewelina Wilkosz – Jenkins As Code and the power of open source.

Aubrey Stearn – A day in DevOps: what does yours look like?

Mike Long – How to avoid getting stuck in the Agile Alignment Trap.

Matt Wynne – The guide to quitting the city and taking to the hills.

David McKay – What tools would you take to the DevOps desert island?

Lars Kruse – A master/apprentice solution to the DevOps skills shortage.



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