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DevOps Culture Issue #01

Nicole Forsgren: Inside the mind of DORA’s chief Scientist

DevOps Culture: The people and the stories behind the tech changing the world.

What is DOC?

DOC is a magazine distributed at events that is a showcase for talent within the DevOps community. Our immediate appeal is to people working within the tech industry. By challenging stereotypes we aim to shine a light on the culture of DevOps that will appeal to people outside tech. 

Our stance on diversity and inclusion is intended to attract the attention of the C-Levels, stakeholders and decision makers who share our aim of building a better world for all.

What's in it?

DOC is very much a hybrid of a coffee table book mixed with the editorial content of a magazine and flair of a comic. Via great visuals and in-depth features and stories within the product that will stay with the reader beyond the event and become a resource and a collectible item.

Focusing on people, places and social issues. There will be serious technology features on tooling, but this is mostly about the culture in the DevOps universe.

Where can I find it?

Our goal is to achieve the distribution of DOC as a piece of high quality DevOps content at tech events across Europe. 

After our BETA release and feedback, Issue 1 will be become available in its intended print form. There will also be a free digital version available to view online via our website.

If you’re interested in becoming a DOC distribution partner, please email

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